Team fortress 2 how to get Huo-Long Heater Guide

The Huo-Long Heater is the strongest Primary weapon for Heavy from team fortress 2. The name Huo-Long Heater is derived from the Chinese word "fire dragon". When this Gun is equipped a ring of fire will surround the user which will damage any enemy in the ring of fire’s radius. Note that this does not hit Sentries and does not deal critical hits.

Also if you spin the gun it will consume 6 ammunition every second even if you are not shooting.
This Gun was awarded to players as a reward for pre-ordering the game called Sleeping Dogs on steam Before August 17, 2012. But you can Craft this weapon with the right Materials.


To Craft this Gun you will need the following:

3x Family business: This is a secondary weapon Shotgun for the Heavy class and can be crafted with a reclaimed metal, Frontier Justice and a Homewrecker.

Reclaimed Metal: This Crafting material can be acquired by combining 3 Scrap metals together.

With those items you can craft the Huo-Long Heater. This Team fortress video is a preview of the Huo-Long Heater and I hope you have found this guide useful

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